About Us

Maids2000 was founded in 1988 by Chanel Eren.  Having experienced numerous cleaning services in the past and finding there was a lack in quality and service, she turned her dream of owning her own business into a reality. Maids2000 provided the outstanding customer service she was looking for so many years ago. Twenty-nine years later she maintains the same excitement of a job well done as she did back then.  Chanel often says she owes her success to a “hands on” approach.  Her consistent and positive feedback from customers and employees are daily testaments to that.

Through Chanel’s leadership Maids2000 has become the premier home cleaning source for the Inland Empire. They provide consistent and guaranteed satisfaction with every cleaning. Maids2000‘s policy is about staying in touch with every customer as a reminder that all success begins and prospers by providing outstanding results with every service.  

Chanel has always insisted on providing her teams with a healthy work environment furnished with top of the line equipment and supplies. She believes well-trained, well rested and happy employees are the foundation for continued success in the home cleaning industry.

Maids2000 prides itself on serving the local community.  It is a home grown company and still remains so almost 30 years later.   Customers have comfort and peace of mind knowing Maids2000 is the right choice.  Maids2000’s message and mission is to always remember how important a happy customer is and what it takes to maintain their trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 1988, over 29 years.  We are the oldest wholly owned maid service in the Inland Empire.

Yes.  We are licensed by the city for over 31 years and we are an active member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Yes.  We come to your home at your convenience.

No.  We never charge for an estimate.

About 15 to 20 minutes to assess your estimate.

Yes.  For first time customers, a $30 Discount off of your first service and the 5th cleaning is free if you become a regular weekly or bi-weekly customer, however we do not require for you to sign any contracts with our company so you are never required to stay with us.

We also have seasonal promotions from time to time.

Typically we send a team of two or more if required to complete the cleaning in a timely manner.  We will never send a single employee.

Yes.  You will always be able to communicate with our employees.

Absolutely.  We send top of the line equipment and Eco-Friendly cleaning products which are non toxic with virtually no odor.

All of our employees are professionally trained in our own facilities with periodic ongoing training.  We are proud to say we have many ladies who have been with us for over 10 years.  Our cleaning teams are well-schooled about our cleaning products, how to use them and on what surfaces they are most suitable for.

No.  We never charge for transit time or fuel.

Yes.  We carry a $100,000,000 policy on all our employees for your peace of mind and protection in the unlikely event we are injured on your property.

Yes.  We carry a $25,000 bond on all of our employees for your protection and peace of mind.

Yes.  We carry a $1,000,000 policy for your protection and peace of mind.

Yes.  All of our cleaning supplies are non-toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally safe, with very little odor.

No.  We are residential cleaning professionals only.

We are open for business from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday thru Friday and of course later should the cleaning require more time.  We do make exceptions on Saturdays for first time cleanings or initial cleanings if preferred.

Our estimates are always based on a flat rate fee unless the customer’s preference is an hourly rate for a shorter period of time.

We offer scheduled appointments for Regular Cleanings on a Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly basis.  Of course we do One-time Cleanings, Move-in, Move-out or Vacancy Cleanings anytime, including Saturdays.  We do not require our customers to sign a service contract.

Yes.  You can View Our Testimonials HERE.  We can also provide you with additional testimonials if requested.

Yes we do!  You can learn more about our Gift Cards HERE or simply contact us by phone or online inquiry to submit a request for purchase.

Yes.  Please inquire for availability.

Yes.  We offer professional truck mounted carpet steam extraction.  Carpet cleaning takes place on the same day of initial house cleaning however we can isolate your appointment to carpet cleaning only if you prefer.

Yes we do!  We offer total professional window cleaning.  We do inside and outside on both single story homes or multiple story.  Our services include the removal and washing of screens, cleaning the window tracks and the cleaning of the windows.