Cleaning Gift Cards

The Average Person Spends Up
to 9 Hours a Week Doing Housework.

That’s a whole lot of time wasted on the basic task of cleaning your home. Just think about what you could do with all those precious hours!

Our Cleaning Gift Cards are the best solution.

In today’s day and age we find ourselves so busy we barely have time for ourselves let alone daily house chores. The very idea of washing floors, dusting and polishing fixtures, vacuuming carpets and furniture, disinfecting bathrooms, cleaning mini blinds and ceiling fans is just too much.   Top that with the kids’ soccer games, band practices, family meals, doctors appointments and after work functions.  For some of us there’s just not enough time in a day to get all those things done. Adding cleaning tasks to that long list can become quite overwhelming.

Maids2000 - Special Offers - Cleaning Gift Cards

Maids2000 Cleaning Gift Cards make the perfect gift for anyone who needs a helping hand.

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Treat That Special ‘Someone’ in Your Life to a Sparkling Clean Home.

Do you know of an elderly friend or grandparent who has trouble with mobility and might need help with daily chores?  Perhaps you know a mother or father who’s schedule is just plain over the top.   Maybe it’s your friend or sibling who is working overtime and you’d like to treat them to a bright and shiny home as a surprise gift to ease their workload.  Maybe it’s simply giving someone you care about some free time to do what matters most.

Whatever the reason, we’re confident whoever receives your
Maids2000 Gift Card will be overjoyed!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Contact us via our Contact Us Page and submit a request for a cleaning gift card or you can call us directly at (909)793-1493.

What dollar amounts does Maids2000 offer?
Any dollar amount you wish.  Our Cleaning Gift Cards are customizable to any value.

How will I receive my new card?
We can give it to you in person at your next cleaning or send it to you via mail should that be your preference.

What can the Gift Card be used for?
Our services vary. We offer one-time cleaning and regular cleanings as well as customized scheduled cleanings. Contact us for more information and to discuss what options are best suited to your request.

Is the Gift Card Refundable?
The Gift Card is not refundable and does not carry any other value other than the dollar balance on the card which can only be redeemed as Cleaning Services performed by Maids2000.

How will the amount on the card be Redeemed?
Have your Maids2000 Cleaning Gift Card ready for us when we arrive at your cleaning.  A simple magnetic swipe and the amount of your cleaning will be deducted from the dollar amount on your card.

Maids2000 - Special Offers - Cleaning Gift Cards
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